The Industries We Serve…

Since 1933, Goldak has provided world-class locating equipment and product support to a wide range of industries and markets. Our broad experience and complete product line provides solutions to all industries requiring an underground locating application. From designing a specific pipe locator at the request of a large midwest gas company, to a collaboration with a major power company in the west to develop an effective means to locate HV passively, Goldak has always innovated their products to solve specific needs of each individual industry. Professionals in these industries recognize the quality and accuracy of Goldak's line of underground locating products and have relied on their performance for decades. Goldak's legacy in the underground locating industry is proven in historical fact, as many of our original technologies and locating principles, both patented and non-patented, continue to serve as the foundation to many of the locators available in today's marketplace.

Today, Goldak is continuing the development of new technologies as we are set to release many new and original industry specific products over the next 12-18 months. Continue to check the website for product releases and web specials for newly innovated equipment that will help you be more accurate and efficient in your specific industry.

Some of the Industries that we have helped do their job faster and more accurately:
-Cable TV -Surveying -Water Utility -Inspection -Transportation
-Contract Locating -Sewer/Waste Water -Sprinkler -Municipalities -Plumbing
-Electric Utility -Government Application -Irrigation -Telecom -More