The Company That You Purchase Your Sewerin Equipment From Matters... A Whole Lot!

5-Reasons Why Sewerin From Goldak Is The Answer!

1. Industry Leader
Sewerin from Goldak combines the strength of two companies that each, individually have been worldwide leaders in leak detection technology.

2. Design & Manufacture
As an OEM (designer, engineer, and manufacturer) of leak detection equipment ourselves, Goldak’s knowledge of the technologies that drive the leak detection industry is far superior to that of any organization who only sells equipment.

3. Contract Locating
Goldak not only sells Sewerin brand equipment, our service techs use it every day in our Contract Locating Division. The knowledge and experience gained from daily use ensures maximum benefits from your purchase.

4. Sales Consultation
With over eight decades of experience as a leader in leak detection, the Goldak sales team has a distinct advantage over all other competitors in matching you with the right equipment for your exact application.

5. Training & Support
Our intricate knowledge of the product combined with every day, in the field use, Goldak is able to provide support and training far superior to that of any competitor.

Trust Goldak to Help You Maximize Your Sewerin Equipment Investment with After the Sale Training, Service and On-Going Support.