Gas Leak Detection

Goldak Inc. provides gas leak detection surveys for Residential homes, Condominiums, Apartments, etc…

The first issue with gas leaks is if the leak is on aunderground pipe, or above ground inside a structure.

For leaks above ground, the system can be hard capped and then put at a appropriate test pressure for surveying. The leak can then be located using an acoustical listening device (Model 777A)to pinpoint the exact source. If the gas can be turned on, a gas leak detector can be used to sniff out the possible leak/leaks.

For leaks that are below ground, either the gas needs to be turned on and the locating is done with a gas sniffer or… If the meter is turned off & pad locked, another gas, like helium,will need to be injected into the system to locate the underground leak (underground gas leaks generally can not be located by sound). Similarly, a sniffer for that particular medium (helium, etc.) would be used to identify and pinpoint the leaks.

When locating a below ground leak it will be necessary to drill or create access holes in the surface medium to allow the gas to surface straight up. If the leak is under asphalt or concrete the gas will surface at the least point of resistance, or at the nearest crack in the hard scape.

It is very important to determine which system is leaking if there are numerous meters feeding a single property (example:apartments & condos). Just because you smell gas does not mean it is your meter that is leaking.

If the gas is turned off, the gas company will normally provide a pink slip telling you the size of the leak. If the loss is .75 cubic feet, you should first verify that ALL the appliances, furnaces, & water heaters have been turned off. A loss of .75 cu/ft. (cubic feet) is approximately a single pilot.. You may find, for example, they just missed a second water heater on the property, or something of the like.

The good thing about gas leak surveys is that you can find more than one leak at a time, unlike water leak surveys.

Gas leaks can be very dangerous if not addressed in a timely fashion. Contact a professional immediately if you smell gas.