Pipe Locating

If you have the need to track and/or identify any type of pipe or cable, Goldak Services is your best solution. Whether you need to find one line or multiple lines and systems, Goldak’s trained technicians can provide your answers. Maybe you are a homeowner trying to find your water and gas mains for a tie-in, or a contractor doing a large excavation on an existing site and need to avoid damaging utilities. Whatever your locating needs are, call Goldak for a highly accurate and cost-effective Pipe and/or Cable Locating Survey.

Listed below are some of the more common needs for Pipe and Cable surveying:

When DRILLING environmental monitor wells or for vapor test soil samples the purpose of the utility survey is clearance of your proposed drill/sample points. You desire to test without striking or damaging any existing underground utilities.

When TRENCHING in a new utility you are locating the utilities in the area of the excavation to:

1) to find the least congested path on site to avoid the existing utilities

2) to avoid damaging the existing utilities you must trench across

3) locating utilities that must be re-routed due to conflicts with your proposed trench

NEW STRUCTURES- locate all traceable utilities that conflict with a new structure. Locate existing water, gas, telephone, sewer,etc… to be capped off and re connected after structure is built

GRADING - locating existing utilities when grading a future building site.

MAPPING PURPOSES – locate all existing utilities to create an accurate site plan

Note: Goldak Inc. can not locate non metallic utilities like PVC water pipes, fiber optic phone cable, transite water main pipes, etc..

Non-metallic sewer laterals can be located and marked by inserting sondes into the sewer lateral and locating the sonde as it traverses through the sewer lateral

All utilities located will be marked with either chalk, marking flags, and/or spray paint. Goldak Inc. will color code the located utility per USA marking standard if possible. White spray paints marks are used to indication unknown or unidentifiable utilities.

Goldak Inc. does not provide maps