Video Inspection

Goldak provides video inspection services and surveys for many applications in both residential and commercial/industrial locations. Our video camera services are performed on sewer lines, sewer mains, sewer laterals, area drains, storm drains, electrical conduits, ducts, etc., and/or any other odd application in which the services could prove useful.

Using our top of the line video equipment, our professional technicians are able to identify all types of leaks, breaks, intrusions, or any other anomaly within the piping structure. While inspecting, our technicians can provide precise locations and depth of both the path of the line as well as pinpoint the exact spot of each problem identified. Upon completion, Goldak will provide a recorded copy of the survey to the customer for their records or for later reference.

SEWER LINES– Using a provided access point (2” or larger cleanout or straight vent) Goldak can inspect any interior sewer lines for leaks, breaks, separations , etc. while providing locations for easier remedies to your sewer line problems.

SEWER MAINS – Problems with roots or regular stoppages from your sewer main? With a 3” or larger access, Goldak can video inspect and pinpoint all mainline problems while providing information to a most cost effective solution.

SEWER LATERALS–From a mainline cleanout, Goldak technicians can video inspect sewer laterals from the property out to the city main, identifying any anomalies that could be restricting proper flow and causing stoppage issues that affect the property.

AREA DRAINS – Video inspection services are very useful in identifying breaks, separations, intrusions and clogs in area drains that restrict proper water flow out to city storm drains, causing excess puddling and flooding in inconvenient areas.

STORM DRAINS–Please contact our office regarding our capabilities, or a valuable referral to solve your storm drain needs 818-367-0149.

ELECTRICAL CONDUITS – Trouble with your conduit, pulling wire or rope, or unable to pass test due to a separation(s)? Goldak video inspection services can, and have, helped to pinpoint and identify the exact problem and location, thus minimizing the amount of excavation necessary to resolve the problem while in turn minimizing the cost.

DUCTS – While not all ductwork is suitable for video inspection, many times a camera can be a valuable tool in inspecting failing ducts. Inefficiencies can be caused by separations as well as clogs, each of which can be easily identified with a video inspection.

Goldak Inc provides sewer inspection services for all customers: Homeowners (residential), Commercial, Industrial, Plumbers, Plumbing Contractors, General Contractors, Inspectors, Agents, etc. Whatever the application, let Goldak be the solution for your video inspection needs.