Leaders in Underground Locating Equipment Since 1933!

There From the Beginning… Goldak Continues to Set the Standard for Underground Locating Equipment Today!

Founded in 1933, Goldak Inc. has continually strived to achieve one main goal; to provide their customers with innovative underground locating products while emphasizing qualities such as: high performance, reliability, durability, accuracy, simplicity, and affordability. It is not by accident that Goldak has thrived for almost three quarters of a century.

Our commitment to producing top quality equipment is accomplished by following a very simple business structure. From our in-the-field experience and top level research and development department, to our manufacturing strategies and quality control, Goldak has created a formula that sets itself to a very high standard. Include our experienced service and repair technicians and it becomes clear how Goldak has maintained its long term success. High quality across the board is why Goldak still has equipment being successfully used by customers today that was manufactured more than three decades ago.

As we enter into the 21st century Goldak continues to build on its long history with an unwavering commitment to innovate new, state-of-the-art products to serve an ever growing locating industry. Combining new technologies with its decades long emphasis on quality, Goldak will be a leading manufacturer of underground locating solutions for years to come.

Innovating Underground Locating Since 1933