Leak Detector Accessories


"Noise Eliminator" Microphone. Durable,noise eliminating microphone for use with the Model 777 Leak Detector.Easy to use accessory for leak detection in high noise areas.

M-79 Microphone

Ultra-sensitive disc-shaped microphone used with all 777 models.

Replacement Microphone Cable(94D004)

Detachable cable for use with the M-79 microphone.

Microphone Probe(71C007)

12" attachable probe for use with M-79.

Leak Detector Headset(31A007)

8ohm headset for 777 Models.

777-A Carry Case(19C048)

Durable hi-impact carry case for 777-A

777-B Carry Case(19C040)

Durable hi-impact carrying case for 777-B.