Our Committment to R & D
Helps Us Maintain Our Edge!

Always Looking For a Better Way... Innovating Underground Locating Since 1933!

Since our inception in 1933 Goldak has always strived to maintain the role of an industry leader. Our research and development group has been responsible for creating break-thru technologies and innovations that have driven new products and underground locating techniques for more than three quarters of a century.

Our product development team consists of the industry's most innovative and talented product engineers, whose application of advanced digital technologies and sophisticated micro-controllers are responsible for products like the revolutionary, and continually copied, Goldak-Triad 2310. We will continue to lead by example in creating tomorrow's underground locating solutions.

Goldak has been an industry leader in Underground Locating equipment and technology solutions since their founding in 1933. Our commitment to producing top quality equipment is accomplished by following a very simple business structure. From our in-the-field experience and top level research and development department, to our manufacturing strategies and quality control. Trust Goldak for your all of you critical underground locating equipment needs.