Why Goldak Products

Technical superiority, extraordinary customer service and unmatched client loyalty… Goldak delivers the entire solution!

To maintain success and stability for more than seventy years, a company must have a strong foundation based on a few fundamental principles, Even as the underground locating industry has changed and evolved over the years, Goldak continues to thrive due to constant pressure of their core principles; factors that have led to a winning business formula.

Top Level Engineering

Since its beginning back in 1933 Goldak has always maintained top level engineering personnel. Through those years, Goldak's engineering/R&D department has developed ground breaking products and techniques that have eventually become industry standards. Much of the technology still being used today was spurred from concepts that were original Goldak ideas. From many originally patented items to even more products that were not patented, Goldak's fingerprint can be seen throughout the locating industry. This trend of being able to introduce new advancements in technology to market continues even today with Goldak's latest breakthrough product, the Model 2310 Triad. How is it that Goldak is able to continually provide equipment that is applicable to the everyday user's in-the-field needs?

In-The-Field Experience

What isn't a well known fact about Goldak is that not only are they manufacturers of underground locating equipment, they are users as well. Based out of their California facility, Goldak runs a full time contract locating division made up of a team of expert underground locating technicians. It is through this unique combination, having both end users and engineers working together, that Goldak is afforded an opportunity not enjoyed by other manufacturers. The distinct advantages of this collaboration of talents are two-fold. Firstly, all of Goldak's newly developed products are able to be field tested in real life job conditions, not in a lab or pre-designated test fields. Secondly, and most important, Goldak's field technicians present our engineers with vital feedback from their in-the-field experiences, including their specific difficulties in tough locating conditions. This information leads to the development of new locating solutions in an ever changing underground locating industry. This rare merging of entities is what has made Goldak able to provide the marketplace with better, easier to use, more efficient equipment for nearly three quarters of a century.

Emphasis on Quality Manufacturing

Superior engineering and unique research and development procedures are accompanied by a strong dedication to quality manufacturing. From the very first component to the final screw, Goldak pays close attention to every detail of its equipment through the production process. Whether it's the electronics, the hardware or the raw materials used, Goldak selects only the products that will most likely assure equipment longevity. As a manufacturer, Goldak takes great pride in knowing customers are still successfully using locators that were purchased more than three decades ago. Not only has the older technology withstood the test of time, but the equipment itself was able to withstand years of rigorous field use. This is certainly not by accident as Goldak has always put great emphasis on well built, durable construction to accompany their industry shaping technology.

With a rock solid foundation and a strong desire to continue to provide the underground locating industry with new and improved locating solutions. it is clear that Goldak will remain a leading manufacturer for years to come.