Our Contract Locating Division
Provides Us a Built-In Proving Ground

Leverage Our Experience From Over 40 Years of Contract Locating

Created in 1971, our 'in-the- field' contract locating division has helped us know all types of underground locating from the inside, in turn helping us build better products.

This unique testing ground provides us daily access to underground locating professionals in a built-in beta testing environment that help us prove-out our latest ideas and innovations as well as test the improvements we make to our existing product line.

We will continue to tap the knowledge and experience gained from the professionals in our contract locating division that assist us in developing more accurate and simple to use underground locating solutions.

Goldak has been an industry leader in Underground Locating equipment and technology solutions since their founding in 1933. Our commitment to producing top quality equipment is accomplished by following a very simple business structure. From our in-the-field experience and top level research and development department, to our manufacturing strategies and quality control. Trust Goldak for your all of you critical underground locating equipment needs.